The company has two board members but with some cross overs with the charity.

Simon Martin
Director & Chairman
Simon is Resident Involvement Manager at Paragon Community Housing Group, with over 30 years’ dedicated to resident and community involvement. He is also Chair of Trustees for SWLEN
Steve Roest
Steve has a long track record in the charity sector and business. Steve was formerly the CEO of the Sea Shepherds, a marine conservation charity and manages a number of his own businesses.

The company has three staff who are contracted from the charity as work requires.

Colin Cooper
Chief Executive
Colin has a thirteen year track record of managing non-profit organisations and an MA in Charity Management. Colin also has a background in business, working with Tesco, Selfridges, Threshers, Safeway and Morrisons. Colin is also SWLEN's CEO.
Vicky Phillips
Business Manager & Company Secretary
Vicky is a legal advisor and project manager specialising in legal and environmental issues. She is also Business Manager for SWLEN.
Diana Cano
Communications Officer
Diana is also SWLEN Communications Officer. She's adept at producing email newsletters, designing, building websites and social media content.